BOOK REVIEW | The Guest List By Lucy Foley

See, mine is a profession in which you orchestrate happiness….You can’t control more than a single day. But you can control one of them. Twenty four hours can be curated. A wedding day is a neat little parcel of time in which I can create something whole and perfect to be cherished for a lifetime, a pearl from a broken necklace.

The Guest List | Lucy Foley

📖 320 pages | Publication Date: June 2nd, 2020 | William Morrow Publishing

The tag line of the book, ”you’d kill to be invited” had me as excited as possible to read this book. As someone who has worked in weddings and events for years, I had yet to read a psychological thriller set at a wedding, and knew it would keep my attention. Blown away doesn’t even begin to describe how this book took ahold of me – as I mention in my Goodreads review for a fast reader, I devoured this one!

I don’t always enjoy multiple point of view books, but this one was written magnificently. Even as Foley flipped from character to character, and past to present, I was fully immersed in all the details of this incredible title. Secrets, relationships, fears all wrapped together, stuck on a remote island with a storm brewing – it was bound to result in tension, romance, mishaps and a fabulous whodunit that kept me guessing.

The Guest List had relatable characters, each with their own personality traits and flaws that contributed to their individual arcs, so many of them circled around in unexpected ways that I loved – even the ending was surprising to me!

This title was my Book of the Month pick for April 2020 along with Beach Read by Emily Henry, and it was probably the best box I’ve ever picked and read since becoming a subscriber back in 2017!

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