BOOK REVIEW| Girls of Summer by Nancy Thayer

“There are times in our lives when we would simply sink beneath the waves of our sorrows, the tides of our fears, and drown in our own misery, if it weren’t for our friends.”

Girls of Summer | Nancy Thayer

📖 320 pages | Publication Date: May 26th, 2020 | Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine

Summer on Nantucket is always full of family and Lisa Hawley is living a lonely life, after twenty years of being a divorced, single mom her best friend calls her out, and into making some changes in her life. Her two grown children, Theo and Juliet are in turning points of their lives as well, making them come home to Nantucket after a long time away – what awaits each of them as their lives, will coming home help them overcome each of their pasts?

I really enjoyed the telling of this story with three different sets of people, and how they were related to one another in their personal and professional lives – I found it relatable but different, messy and complicated but perfectly wonderful. Nancy Thayer has been on my list of must read beach queens for awhile, so I was thrilled to receive this title from Netgalley & Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine and be able to read it while we were on a short beach getaway with our little family! 4.5 stars and already anxiously awaiting reading my next Nancy Thayer title!

The characters each had their own issues and endearing characteristics, woven together with their hopes, failures and LOVE, making this title an absolute joy for me to read!

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