BOOK REVIEW | Must Be A Mistake by Fiona West

“It felt much more crucial that he kiss her again.”

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Must Be A Mistake | Fiona West

📖 Publication Date: June 19th, 2020 | Tempest & Kite Publishing LLC

Thank you to the author, Fiona West for providing me an advance reader copy of this book after enjoying the first in the series, Could Be Something Good and really enjoying it. 

I loved getting to be thrown right back into the familiarity of the characters from the first title, but expanding on another couple set – Kyle and Ainsley. 

Ainsley, a first grade teacher, is THE woman around town – always involved, constantly lending a hand, never saying no even when she should. 

Kyle is a doctor, a family tradition, though unlike in Could Be Something Good, we don’t spend a lot of time at the hospital in the story, most of it takes place around town as Kyle decides it’s finally time to let Ainsley know how he feels about her. 

With Kyle, much like his brother Daniel, we get an incredible background of someone learning how to manage and live with a diagnosis that not everyone around him knows or understands. Done beautifully and realistically, this gave Kyle such a relatable vibe that made him falling in love with Ainsley and learning how to love even more endearing. His autism may make him want things a certain way, but is she going to change that for him? Find out in this adorable rom com that has totally captured my heart! 

& hello, that cover work?! This series cover art should be framed, LOVE IT!

What I loved most about this title was how affable and empathetic these two characters – if I thought I loved Winnie & Daniel, I think I loved getting to know Kyle & Ainsley even more. Their adorable backstory and great characteristics made me wish I lived in their charming small town.

A huge thank you to Fiona West and Tempest & Kite Publishing LLC for allowing me to read an advance reader copy of this title in exchange for my personal review, getting to know her on bookstagram has been so much fun & I’m already anxiously awaiting reading the third title in the series!

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