BOOK REVIEW | The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Boyfriend Project | Farrah Rochon
📖 368 pages | Publication Date: June 30th, 2020 | Forever Publishing

The book starts out with Samiah getting ready for and being excited about a date with Craig, but as she’s getting ready her sister is reading this CRAZY feed on Twitter about a girl on a date…. with HER reservation & the very man she’s getting ready to go out with. She soon finds out she isn’t the only one being duped, and after someone videos her & his other two “girlfriends” the video goes viral the three ladies become quick friends.

They decide to start a pact for no dating, and to focus that energy on bettering themselves, and for Samiah it’s all about devoloping the app she’s been dreaming of creating for years. That is until she returns to work on Monday, and meets Daniel who has a few secrets of his own.

WHAT a great rom com title!

I LOVED this title, and how different from all the other romance novels I’ve read lately. Rochon dove into the tech world for this story, and after hearing her chat about the book a few times during her promotional virtual tour of the book, I was even more in love with how great of a character Samiah was. A STRONG, SMART female living in what is a typical male centered industry, and excelling at it. I found the character so relatable and fun, in so many of the situations she was in, from the struggle with dating in this day and age, to her female friendships (that I can’t wait to see more of in the other two books!) and her desire to continue to fight to stay on top at work.

Daniel’s mission to discover what’s really going on at Samiah’s work, and can’t really afford to fall for Samiah – he wants to get in, do his job & get his promotion – but he just can’t help himself.

What could’ve just been a light and fluffy meet cute at work was so much more with a Samiah and the girls’ personalities and how articulate and well thought out the wording of the scenes were, I often felt like I was totally there in the the story!

Bookstagram Review & Giveaway The Boyfriend Project | Farrah Rochon by Books Are Magic Too on Instagram

This was such a fun read – I actually listened to the audiobook that I received after joining Farrah’s book kickoff party & preordering this title from Garden District Books. Along with some adorable swag – margarita mix and goodies + POST IT NOTES – I also got the audiobook FREE from to listen to while I waited for my autographed copy! BEST narration I’ve ever heard, Je Nie Fleming2 absolutely killed it. The perfect amount of snark and humor, with a bit of steamy romance made this one a great book for me!

I finished up the audio and got to chat about the book with @thechicklitbookclub & Farrah herself for a night of fun –

If you read romance & want to join us we have some incredible reads coming up – Head Over Heels, Waiting for Tom Hanks, Not Like The Movies – we chat on instagram and read so many chapters together each day, I just love it!

Needless to say, I was a huge fan of The Boyfriend Project and am already anxiously awaiting Farrah’s next title, I found her Facebook Fan Club to keep me entertained while I wait!

Haven’t had the chance to read the book yet?! You’re in luck – I’m giving a copy away over on bookstagram now – head here to find out more!

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