BOOK REVIEW | One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

One to Watch | Kate Stayman-London
432 pages | Publication Date: July 7th 2020 | Dial Press publishing

OMBea I really enjoyed this title! It was one that I had regretted not ordering in my Book of the Month box, and was SO excited when instead I received an advance reader copy thanks to Dial Press via Netgalley in exchange for my personal review. LOVE when the books I’m drooling over end up being sent to me, just makes me feel like such a special reader! 

While I’m not someone who obsesses over reality tv shows, this Bachelorette-esque plotline completely captured my attention, and for being 432 pages, it was a pretty quick read for me! 

Bea is a plus size fashion blogger, who has been pining after her best friend for years, making her dating life less than she desires. After giving up on love for now, and focusing on her blog her broken heart leads her to write a blog post about Main Squeeze, the reality show with such unrealistic expectations on men, diversity and the size one must be to find love. 

She finds herself not only ON the show, but the leading lady!

We travel with her as she gets to know each of the contestants on the show vying for her attention week after week – who accepts her for who she is, and who doesn’t deserve a moment of her time. I fell in love with Bea herself, and her journey for loving herself, her body & accepting someone else’s love as well – so relatable for so many of us!

I am HERE for ALL THE POSITIVITY ❤️🌈 that this book gives, in all kinds of different ways from many of the supporting characters. You would think between the show, her friends, family and all the characters in this book that it would be overwhelming but I thought it was so well written with just the right amount of detail for each one we met in the story. No other book that I have read has done so well at this, with SUCH diverse characters. 

The fun pop culture references (hello, Chris Evans?! I would’ve definitely gotten ahold of him HAHA) and style of writing had me entranced, and I had so much fun reading this one! 4.5 stars from me, I just loved it, it releases tomorrow so make sure you pick up your copy HERE.

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