BOOK REVIEW | The Silent Conspiracy by L. C. Shaw

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Silent Conspiracy | L.C. Shaw
336 pages | Publication Date: September 15th 2020 | Harper Paperbacks

Today it’s all about the thrillers! This post is all about my stop along Suzy Approved Book Tours for The Silent Conspiracy by L.C. Shaw, the second book in the Jack Logan series. While I didn’t read the first book, The Network, I immediately added it to my must read list because this book was incredible, and worked well even as a standalone title.

. . .

It’s been almost two years since investigative reporter Jack Logan and television producer Taylor Parks brought down the Institute—the secret facility responsible for indoctrinating a generation of America’s political and media power players. Their lives are just getting back to normal, and Jack and Taylor have settled into married life with their young son, Evan.

But soon a series of bizarre, seemingly random murder/suicides captures Jack’s attention as a disturbing pattern emerges. Could someone be intentionally causing people to become homicidal? At the same time, Taylor is producing a story about a class action suit against a national insurance company that has reached the Supreme Court.

As Jack and Taylor start to suspect that their stories are connected, they realize there is something far more insidious at play that could not only directly threaten them—but the very future of the country…

. . .

Such an interesting book full of constant surprises and a great plot, I know I’ll be anxiously awaiting book 3 to see the next chapter in this Jack Logan series! What I loved most was that I this book took me out of my comfort zone with a more scientific and political plotline, and made it something compelling with each of the characters that got introduced.

L. C. Shaw is the pen name of internationally bestselling author Lynne Constantine who also writes psychological thrillers with her sister as Liv Constantine. Her husband wonders if she is actually a spy, and never knows which name to call her. She loves to procrastinate by spending time on social media and, when stuck on a plot twist, has been known to run ideas by her silver Labrador and golden retriever who wish she would stop typing and play ball with them. Lynne has a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and her work has been translated into twenty-seven foreign languages.

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