BOOK REVIEW | Crossing Lines by Melanie Weiss

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Crossing Lines by Melanie Weiss
162 pages | Publication Date: July 25th 2020 | Rosehip Publishing

Sometimes the opportunities to read a book are just an immediate YES, I need that one in my life, and that’s how I felt about getting to read a copy of Crossing Lines by Melanie Weiss, thanks to today’s book tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours.

As a mom to a teenager and a toddler, this one was really important to me to read, and my teen plans on reading it as well. One of the things I love most about YA titles, is how they can really connect with readers in a way other genres maybe haven’t, and when they’re written like this one, can make a huge difference in their lives. By starting the conversation about things like politics and current issues in the world, titles like this one are giving them a chance to communicate these huge feelings they tend to have, and characters to connect with.

. . .

Midwestern high school seniors and swim teammates Alli and Brandon are the perfect couple, enjoying their final months of high school and making big plans for the future. When a horrific school shooting sparks a national movement, Alli gets involved with protests in support of gun control legislation, while Brandon defends his pro-gun beliefs and stays on the sidelines. These shifting priorities lead Alli and Brandon to question not only each other but their world views, as they begin to stand up for something bigger than themselves for the first time. Ages 14+

. . .

This book was a quick and easy read that packed a lot of punch into it’s pages, and talked about some really important issues in today’s world. What I loved most about these tough topics is that the book gave the characters resolution, and dialogue on how to respect each other’s different opinions, and how to be okay with that – my teen, Caleb, often reads titles with me, especially the YA ones I receive, and he plans to read this one as well, follow along for our opinions with the hashtag #currenTEENlyreadingwithCaleb on bookstagram!

Melanie Weiss lives in Oak Park, Illinois. Her debut novel, “Spoken,” received a 2019 Readers’ Favorite Award for Young Adult-Social Issues.

Want to join in for a book tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours? Contact her here, or follow along with us as we upcoming titles at the links below!




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