BOOK REVIEW | Once Again by Catherine Wallace Hope

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Once Again by Catherine Wallace Hope
276 pages | Publication Date: October 6th 2020 | Alcove Press

Today might just be the most exciting pub day I’ve been lucky enough to look forward to – SO many amazing titles release today & I want to read them ALL.

For this particular post, I’ll be sharing Once Again by Catherine Wallace Hope for my stop on the book tour thanks to Alcove Press and Suzy Approved Book Tours in celebration of this book’s release day!

. . .

An imaginative, emotional debut novel for fans of Ann Patchett about one woman’s fight to save her daughter from repeating a deadly fate.

What if you had one chance to save someone you lost?

Isolated in the aftermath of tragedy, Erin Fullarton has felt barely alive since the loss of her young daughter, Korrie. She tries to mark the milestones her therapist suggests–like today, the 500th day without Korri–but moving through grief is like swimming against a dark current.

Her estranged husband, Zac, a brilliant astrophysicist, seems to be coping better. Lost in his work, he’s perfecting his model of a stunning cosmological phenomenon, one he predicts will occur today–an event so rare, it keeps him from being able to acknowledge Erin’s coinciding milestone.

But when Erin receives a phone call from her daughter’s school, the same call she received five hundred days earlier when Korrie was still alive, Erin realizes something is happening. Or happening again. Struggling to understand the sudden shifts in time, she pieces together that the phenomenon Zac is tracking may have presented her with the gift of a lifetime: the chance to save her daughter.

Unable to reach Zac or convince the authorities of what is happening, Erin is forced to find the answer on her own, Erin must battle to keep the past from repeating–or risk losing her daughter for good.

. . .

What I loved most about this book was how easy it was to feel for Erin. From her desperation to have her daughter back, and how a person would react to every emotion that comes with a tragedy. The reality of her relationship with Zac after losing their daughter, and how different people deal with things that happen in life was written so well, it pulled me right in. 

The only part of the book I struggled with was reading through all the physics of Zac’s experiment at work but it didn’t take away too much from the story. In fact the idea that these two parallel lives for Erin could be happening alongside his work is one of the things I really enjoyed about this story. Even with parts that were a tad bit more scientific than I understood at times, the creative way the author created this interwoven plotline was a huge hit for me.

. . .

Award-winner Catherine Wallace Hope grew up in Colorado, the setting for her thriller Once Again. She earned her degree in creative writing at the University of Colorado. She also delved into dance in New York and art and psychology in California. When she returned to Colorado, she became an instructor at the renowned Lighthouse Writers Workshop, offering creativity workshops for writers. Currently, she and her family are living on an island in the Pacific Northwest where they serve at the pleasure of two astonishingly spoiled dogs.

Connect with her:



Twitter: @catwallacehope

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